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Update 14/01/2016
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Selection and Replacement Heads

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Selection and Replacement Heads - Kalfo Skins & Heads - Remo - Evans

Selecting and Installing
Skins & Heads
Is provided, at the request of its customers, all skin parts, from natural to synthetic and cloned, only when they are selected for type, quality and thickness of the film. This ensures, for each drum, bass drum or drum, the certainty of having always use the most suitable type of membrane to the device used.
On request it is possible to install the skins and intonarle, thus ensuring even minimal maintenance of the instrument.

Re - Tuning
With this service we will ensure the retuning - total or partial - of all keyboards in metal and wood, their balance and homogeneity of sound. For example, following the replacement of one or more keys, or, when one wants to standardize at a pitch 442 an old, but still valid, keyboard 438 or 440 Hz

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